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4 Reasons to Adventure in an Xplorer RV


When it comes to buying an RV, it’s hard to find the right fit. Whether it’s new, used, or a motorhome or trailer, there’s so many recreational vehicles out there, who knows how to pick one? If you’re looking for a time-tested, family-owned motorhome, you must look at the Xplorer RV line before making a choice.

Let’s look at four reasons to buy a Xplorer RV and why this unique Class C motorhome might be right for your adventures on and off the road.

4 Reasons to Buy a Xplorer RV for Your Next Adventure

Been Around Since the Late 1960s

The Xplorer motorhome line has been around since the late 1960s. Like other iconic RV brands, the Xplorer has evolved and aged with time into something bigger and better. Created by Ray Frank, the Travco motorhome designer, the Xplorer was meant for families and solo travelers looking for something smaller to hit the road with. The ingenuity and use of a smaller space within the Xplorer line have made it a hit with RVers of all ages.

Created in Michigan, Now Built in RV Country

When Frank came up with the idea of the Xplorer RV, they were first built and sold in Detroit, Michigan. While Detroit is the heart of the automobile industry in the US, Frank sold the company to Robert Helvie. Helvie’s the owner of Startracks Custom Vehicles and is based out of Elkhart, Indiana – the heart of the RV industry in North America. This has allowed the Xplorer brand to evolve further being built right where the RV innovation happens.

Designed for RVers by RVers

RVs designed by RVers just make more sense. The Xplorer motorhomes were designed by RVers looking to make life easier for those on the road. Whether you’re looking to save money, add functionality, or use common sense when traveling, having an RVer-designed motorhome or trailer is the way to go. From the chassis used to build the Xplorers to the gear over system used for extra power during difficult dives, every aspect of a Xplorer is made with the RVer in mind.

Class C Motorhomes Offer Functionality Without the Price Tag

Price can be a sticky subject when buying an RV, especially when you fall in love with a particular brand or model. The Class C motorhome offers a combination of features, functionality, and gas mileage you won’t find in larger motorhomes or trailers. When looking for affordable options that allow you travel, looking at a Xplorer RV can be a way to meet price and amenities in the middle. If budget is a concern but you want more than what a trailer offers, looking at Class C options such as the Xplorer RV is the way to go.

If you’re ready to buy a motorhome or trailer, consider all the option available. The Xplorer RV is a great hybrid between a full-fledged RV and smaller trailer. It’s affordable, offers great functionality, and is perfect for RVers looking to save money on their next recreational vehicle purchase.

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