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4 Ways to Protect Your RV or Trailer When Parked


Whenever you park your RV or trailer, and you aren’t on a getaway or vacation, you need to do some routine maintenance to keep everything in working order. No matter what type of motorhome, trailer, or camper you own, routine maintenance on and off the road is essential to keeping your rig in working condition year-round. By performing these relatively mundane tasks, you can make sure your RV or trailer is ready to go when you hit the road next. Let’s look at some things to change.

4 Ways to Protect Your RV When Parked

Add Fuel Stabilizer to Your Tank

Whenever an engine sits idle, gasoline and diesel fuels degrade. This can cause issues with the engine that may force costly repairs. Heat, moisture, and rain can cause this process to speed up. Gumming, varnishing, rusting and corrosion can occur during long gaps between trips, so adding fuels stabilizer to the tank can help prevent these issues from happening to your RV or trailer.

Cover Your Tires

Whenever your RV or trailer is sitting idle, you should be covering your tires to protect them from the weather, dirt, and debris. Before you cover them, you want to clean them and protect them with a tire solvent. UV light can cause damage to tires that sit for extended periods of times, so covering them prevents that from happening.

Mobile RV Glass Tip: If for any reason you suspect you need new RV tires, take care of this task right away. Driving on old tires can be hazardous, especially after your RV has sat for the off-season or a long stretch of time.

Lube Your Internal Slide Seals

Have you ever begun to pull-in your slide and it sticks? If the slide-out sits in its out position for too long, especially during warm weather, the rubber seals can stick to the frame of your trailer or RV. Before you pull out your slides, use baby powder to prevent the stick from occurring. This helps prevent this from happening entirely.

Clean, Clean, Clean

When you’re done using your RV or trailer for the season, make sure to clean the inside of the trailer or RV thoroughly. Remove all food, clean the fridge, wipe down the counters, vacuum and more. This helps keep dust, dirt, bacteria and more from getting cozy inside your trailer or RV, making it healthier and cleaner for when you load it back up to hit the road once more.

Taking care of your RV or trailer goes far beyond driving or towing it to a dealer or shop to get it looked at each year. You must invest time in cleaning, maintaining, and doing what you can yourself to keep it in working condition. A lot of small things will ensure your RV stays in tip-top shape when in use and when stored.

When you’re ready to park for the season, taking the time to perform this type of maintenance will keep your RV or trailer running like new no matter where you travel.

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