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5 of the Best Baton Rouge, LA Restaurants

Baton Rouge LA restaurants

When heading to Louisiana, New Orleans is often the hot spot travelers zone in on for a stay. The Pelican State offers RVers many interesting stops along the way. Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital, brings tourists up close and personal to everything the South offers and some of the best seafood in the country. Here are five of the best restaurants in Baton Rouge, LA and why you should try at least one on your adventures.

5 of the Best Baton Rouge, LA Restaurants to Try

Fleur de Lis Pizza

Fleur de Lis Pizza is one of Baton Rouge’s longest standing Italian restaurants and is considered the state’s best pizza place. It’s been around since the 1940s and offers square pizzas with all the toppings you could imagine. From classic pepperoni to something a bit more out there like anchovies, there’s something for every member of the family when stopping at Fleur de Lis Pizza. If you’re an adventurous traveler, try the Round the World pizza topped to the brim with anchovy, onions, salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and mushrooms.

Louie’s Café

Louie’s Café is known by locals to have the best hash browns in Baton Rouge. If you love a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Louie’s Café is the place to eat. They’re open 24 hours a day, offer all-day breakfast, and the off-menu Eggs Cletus is one of the best meals around to get the day started. From po-boys to sandwiches to breakfast plates, you’ll leave Louie’s in a food coma – that’s for sure!

Beausoleil Restaurant & Bar

This quaint and cozy restaurant is what every family wants to have for dinner. While the name may scare some off thinking it’s too upscale for them to visit, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Beausoleil offers some of the best Louisiana Creole food you’ll find, along with other classic southern dishes. Come here on an empty stomach because Beausoleil will make sure you leave stuffed to the gills.

The Chimes Restaurant

If you’re looking for traditional Louisiana seafood, The Chimes Restaurant offers some of the best crawfish boil you’ll have in the south. While this college joint is located near LSU, it’s food, energy, and events are what draws in more than the college crowd. If you want one of the best po-boy’s in town, get the Shrimp version barbecue style. Splurge on the crawfish boil during the season, and you won’t regret visiting The Chimes.

Maison Lacour

Mason Lacour is your traditional French restaurant located in the heart of Baton Rouge. You’ll find classic French dishes at Mason Lacour, but you’ll also find fresh-baked French bread and pastries galore. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner for you and your loved one, consider this upscale restaurant and make reservations well in advance to get a table.

One of the greatest reasons to visit Louisiana is the food. From Creole to traditional French restaurants and everything between, you’re going to eat visiting Baton Rouge.

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