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5 Tips for Going to Your First RV Show


Are you excited about your first trip to an RV show? You should be! New and experienced RVers head around the country during the year to check out what the latest RVs, trailers, and accessories are from dealers and manufacturers. If you’re looking to learn more about RVing, RV shows can be a great way to connect with others who are more experienced and willing to help you learn a thing or two. They’re also a great way to find out about new products and accessories.

Here are five tips for going to your first RV show to help you fit in, get the information you need and fall in love with RVing.

Tips for Going to an RV Show

Sensible Footwear

When going to an RV show, or an exhibition, you want to wear the right footwear. You’ll be walking around and standing for the majority of the day. If you check out everything the show has to offer, by the end of the day, your feet will be crying out for relief. By wearing sensible footwear, you can do your best to keep your feet from aching after a long day.

Use the Map or Brochure

When you head to an RV show, you’ll be given a map or brochure that outlines what booths and vendors are located. Use this to plan your route through the show to maximize your time, energy and what you want to see. This can also be a great way to write down important information or remind yourself you want to backtrack to a particular booth later in the day.

Bring Your Phone or a Small Notepad

You may want to make notes, swap phone numbers or have a way to write down information. Bringing a small notepad and pen if you don’t have a phone that can take notes for you is the easiest way to accomplish. Just pop the notepad in your back pocket, and you’re good to go for the day.

Enter the Giveaways

Most RV show vendors offer giveaways, discounts and more. All you have to do is enter the contest. If you don’t want to receive spam e-mails, use a dummy e-mail address. Most vendors do this to get your information to add it to a mailing list, and that’s where the dummy e-mail address combats that for you. Besides, who doesn’t like free stuff or discounts on products?

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