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7 Reasons Why Not Getting Your Windshield Fixed Right Away Will Cost You More Money


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There are a lot of things in life we put off. We get a cold; we don’t want to go to the doctor for it. Our driver’s license expires, and the last thing we want to do is go to the DMV to renew it. The same can be said about a crack in our windshield. Whether a small rock chipped the glass or something bigger, delaying getting your windshield repaired can lead to higher costs replacing it down the line. Let’s look at seven reasons why not getting your windshield fixed right away will cost you.

7 Reasons Why Not Getting Your Windshield Fixed is a Disaster in the Making

Obstructs Your View

Depending on where a crack in the windshield happens, it may block your view as the driver. This is dangerous and could cause a delay in response which leads to an accident. Even an obstruction on the passenger’s side can be hazardous to the driver as light hits it and it becomes a distraction.

Crack’s Grow

Over time, a dent or crack can increase, causing further obstruction to drivers and passengers. Even a small crack will grow and splinter off down the line, leading to a costlier repair or full on replacement of the windshield.

Glass May Shatter

Even the smallest of cracks in a windshield can lead to the glass shattering. The impact, how the break goes, changes in temperatures, even bumps in the road can make the glass less reliable leading to it shattering. Some will put duct tape, painter’s tape, or try other methods to keep the crack from growing. This isn’t foolproof and can lead to glass shattering quicker.

Glass May Pop Out

Cracks and breaks in windshields can cause RV windshields to pop out. As fluctuations in the glass occur, this is a threat while driving or while parked. If this happens while driving, you could cause an accident.

Cold and Heat Escape

Even the smallest cracks cause air to escape from your RV and allow air outside in. Depending on the temperature, this can make it warmer or colder in the driver’s seat. The temperature fluctuations from inside and outside may also crack the windshield further or cause it to shatter.

Might Take Longer to Replace

The longer you let a windshield go before getting it repaired, the likelihood rises that you’ll have to get it completely replaced. This means it could take much longer to replace if that exact windshield isn’t available, especially for motorhomes.

Costs More in the End

Anytime you wait to repair or maintain your RV, the more it ends up costing you. Something that is easy to repair can be taken care of right away before it becomes a bigger problem – costing you more money, including windshield repair or replacement.

As you can see, waiting to get your windshield fixed right away will lead to higher costs, bigger problems, and sometimes something you can’t wiggle your way out of.

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