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A Brief Guide to the FMCA


The FMCA, or the Family Motor Coach Association, is one of the largest family-based organizations for motorhome owners. They are an international organization, encompassing more than 85,000 families who are either full-time RVers or active motorhome travelers. They are the largest motorhome group in the world. Let’s learn more about the FMCA.

More About the FMCA

The FMCA has been around since 1963, issuing more than 425,000 memberships worldwide. The organization helps motorhome owners learn everything about the RV lifestyle, traveling on the road and motorhomes themselves. This is an excellent resource for those looking to get started as motorhome owners or looking to get more out of the lifestyle on and off the road.

The Family Motor Coach Association strives to educate motorhome owners about the lifestyle, units, and industry. They also organize a variety of activities, supply certain benefits for members and serves to further the motorhome and RV rights of owners with the government and legal system. The FMCA steps up to bat for its members and is an organization motorhome owners can count on.

The FMCA organizes conventions and has 500 chapters in the United States and Canada. Some of these chapters are based on geographic location; others are based on the type of motorhome owned, but there’s a chapter for everyone throughout the country. Some are even based on common interests and recreational activities.

FMCA Membership Categories

The FMCA has three levels of membership:

  • Commercial
  • Family Associate
  • Full/Family

Commercial membership in the FMCA refers to dealers, suppliers and so on who serve the motorhome industry and ownership. Family Associate membership is available to former members who no longer own a motorhome. Full/Family membership is open to any motorhome owner or person who has at minimum a 1/3 interest in ownership of a motorhome.

Membership has its privileges, not only do you get to take advantage of everything the Family Motor Coach Association has to offer, but you’ll also meet other members on your travels.

Visit the FMCA’s web site and find out how you can join.

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