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Are You One of These Types of RVers?


When you go RVing, you begin to stereotype the RVers around you. It’s hard not to. Everyone has an RV lifestyle. They find what excites them about RVing and they begin living their life around those principles. When you discover what type of RVer you are, you open up a world of possibilities about how you travel and how you live.

These are the primary types of RVers. While they may not cover all RVers, they cover the majority of them hitting the road. The biggest benefit of identifying yourself as a type of RVer is the communities you join and the places you visit along the way. There are destinations for every type of RVer out there that meshes with what they’re looking to get out of life, RVing and everything in between.

5 Types of RVers

The Couple

Many couples, early on and later in their relationship, use travel as a way to get to know one another and spend time together. This helps build the foundation of their relationship, especially if they already love to travel and experience knew things. This couple is young, active and invests in smaller travel trailers and pop-up campers.

The Family

The family that stays together travels together, so they say. Families that invest in time on and off the road have a healthier and happier time not only as a unit but when facing life alone. Families travel to campgrounds, National Parks and other destinations where they can participate in activities together and apart. For children traveling, this gives them the chance to try something new and meet others their age. The family invests in mid to large travel trailers, fifth wheel RVs, and motorhomes.

The Full-Timer

Full-timers are those who’ve left traditional living behind. They’ve sold their homes, packed up their families, turned to telecommuting and invested in a heavy-duty towable set-up or motorhome. They hit the road, going where they want, when they want and don’t have to report to a boss or head home for rest. The recreational vehicle they travel in is their home in the truest sense of the word. The full-time invests in large travel trailers and fifth wheel RVs.

The Retiree

Retirees hit the golden age and decide to do something about it. They invest in motorhomes heavily, hitting the road to visit family, friends and relive memories. Since they’re retired, they have no boss to report to, so it’s easy to hit the road and never look back. These folks are looking to relive the past and make new memories in retirement.

The Solo Adventurer

The solo adventurer is usually a young male in his early 20s, although this demographic is changing year-after-year. The solo RVer is looking to hit the backcountry and the least visited campsites and parks across the nation. They’re interested in recreational activities, and that’s what drives their need to RV. They’re often part-timers, looking for fun and excitement without waiting for friends or family to make the time to travel.

Which Type Are You?

Depending on where you fall on the RV lifestyle scale, you may find communities, campgrounds, and organizations to join that bring together others who share similar values. This can help you make new friends, try new things and visit destinations you never considered to put on your bucket list. If you’re looking to truly get involved in the RV community beyond just your travels, reaching out to communities, groups, and organizations that share your RVing interests is key to getting the most out of the lifestyle.

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