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Do You Need a Fully Loaded RV Travel Package?


Most people like vacations where you can bundle everything up and not worry about charges coming from the left and right. Great examples of these are cruises, all-expenses included vacations and travel packages. Luckily there are RV travel packages as well, but it’s not as clear-cut as you would think.

RV travel packages can mean different things to different companies and RV agencies, so it’s important to know what you’re getting. Here is an idea of some of the more common types of RV travel packages and what they could include as well as some other ways to plan out a great RV adventure.

If you’re getting into RVing or want to try it out, a full-scale RV travel package may be the way to go for you. Full packages can include an RV rental as well as RV campground bookings and activities. Full-scale RV travel packages are not too common in the world of RV rentals as most RV travel packages are more about what you do when you arrive than where you stay.

What You Need to Know About RV Travel Packages

RV rental packages are more common than a full-service that books your rental, places to stay and activities. RV rental companies such as Cruise America have you book open-ended travel packages. Open-ended travel packages usually have minor rules and stipulations, for example, a limited number of miles you can drive the RV as well as several nights you can keep the RV.

Everything else is up to you, which is one of the stronger pulls of RV travel anyways. There may be further rules depending on the RV rental company or agency. If this is RV travel package is appealing to you, try Cruise America, El Monte or any one of the major RV rental companies. RV rental is a great way to test the waters of RVing.

Campground and Locale RV Travel Packages

If you already have your RV, you may be more interested in RV campground or locale travel packages. These packages usually include certain numbers of days and nights in an RV campground or site, full use of that ground’s amenities as well as activities or excursions, and are offered by destination-affiliated companies. You will have a flat rate for your stay at the campground, and then the price will alter depending on the number and type of activities you choose to take part in. These types of packages are great for RVers who are unfamiliar with an area and need some guidance.

When booking a travel package for RV adventures start with an open mind before you begin to narrow down. For example, if you want a deal to Yellowstone National Park, you may try searching for “Yellowstone travel packages,” “Yellowstone camping deals,” or similar queries. If the broad searches don’t narrow things down enough, you can start to refine your search with queries such as “Yellowstone RV packages.”

Unfortunately, there are not as many destinations that cater to RVers as one would think so keep trying to keep your options open. An open mind also helps with choosing whom to book with as you could use an RV travel agency, the locale or destination’s services or even an everyday travel agency.

Sample Itineraries and RV Travel Package Ideas and Guides

One of the most difficult parts of RVing to an unfamiliar area is deciding on what to do and where to go. Many RV-oriented websites and companies can help you out with travel ideas, itineraries, and guides. Companies such as El Monte RV or Cruise America are chock full of travel guides which can include sites to see, places to stay and even routes for RVing.

You can also check RV forums to find outlines of other RVer’s trips to get an idea of what others did. The best part about using sample itineraries is that you can mix and match to make the trip suited for you. A big plus over other RV travel packages.

In the future, we hope to see more travel packages catered to RVers. Until then you can use a combination of RV rental companies, local packages and sample guides and itineraries to find the perfect RV travel package for you.

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