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Everything You Need to Know About Beach RVing


RVing comes in many forms and styles. Depending on your tastes, you may only RV a certain way, like boondocking, or you may be more adventurous and try something like city RVing. No matter how you like to RV, there’s a way to do it that’s right for you, and that’s where beach RVing comes into play. Who doesn’t like the beach? And some beaches across the country let you RV overnight near the shores, here’s some more on beach RVing.

What to Know About Beach RVing

Not all beaches allow RVing, so before you begin making plans – find a location. Depending on the beach, you may see specific areas to RV in or you can RV anywhere so long as you aren’t a safety hazard to other beachgoers. If you can’t, you can always park at an RV park or campground nearby. You could also park for the day where RV parking is allowed, walk to the beach, and enjoy the sand and surf.

When beach RVing, you can use a standard tent, sleeping bag, and other common RVing supplies to sleep on the sand where allowed. Depending on the beach, you may or may not be allowed to start fires or barbeque. Make sure to check the regulations for the beach you want to RV in before heading out and camping out overnight.

Some beaches restrict the number of people who can beach RV. For larger groups, for example, you must let the beach officials know. For others, they don’t care as long as you’re not causing issues. Again, another thing to check before you begin beach RVing. Many beaches have websites, social media channels, and other avenues of letting you know the rules and regulations. Triple-check these before spending the day or night at the beach.

Most beaches will not have any stores or amenities beyond what you bring yourself. This means you won’t have access to things if you need them, such as extra food, water or other supplies. They may have food and drink stands, but once they close for the day, you’re on your own. Pre-planning a beach RVing trip is the key to success. Investing in a good cooler you can carry is a bright idea, too.

Trash cans or areas aren’t provided at most beaches either, especially for those on the beach itself. You’ll be responsible for all your trash, disposing of it and making sure not to leave anything behind. You can be fined on most beaches for littering, even if you didn’t intend to. Double bag your trash and ensure something keeps the bag weighed down, so it doesn’t blow away if a gust of wind comes your way.

Beach RVing can be an excellent way to enjoy everything a beach has to offer, along with the thrill of RVing. If you’ve never beach camped before, we recommend it. It’s incredible being able to fall asleep near the ocean, look up at the sky in the middle of the night and hear the crashing ways all around you.

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