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Full RV Hookup Sites vs. Partial RV Hookup Sites

Full RV hookup sites vs. partial RV hookup sites

Beginners to the RV world may not be able to recognize what certain terms mean as the seasoned road warriors can. This is especially true when it comes to booking a campsite. RV parks and campgrounds often list sites by qualities such as “full RV hookup sites” or “partial RV hookup sites.” This is straight forward, right? Some sites have full hookups, and others just have a few, but the reality can be a little more surprising than that.

Let’s look at what RV parks might mean when they choose sites like this by explaining different definitions and how you can find out what exactly a site’s RV hookups are. This way you can make sure the park you picked out will always have what you need.

A Breakdown of Full RV Hookup Sites vs. Partial RV Hookup Sites

Let’s begin by stating that there is no clear definition or standard by which a camping site is designated as the full or partial hookup. These terms are used by whoever owns or manages the park to help make it clearer what type of site you are getting when you book. Here is what is most often meant when these terms are used.

Full RV Hookup Sites

Full RV Hookup sites mean that the RV site has the “big three” when it comes to utilities: electric, water and sewer connections. These are the most basic connections that most RVs have and when a park says full hookups that usually means that you can take care of all three utilities right from your campsite.

Some RV parks might use the term “full-service” or “full connections” when it comes to this type of site, but all these terms usually mean that the site comes equipped with electrical, water and sewer utility connections.

This is not always the case. Some RV parks may list a site as full when it has just electric and water hookups, and there is a dump station on site, it just depends on who is providing the information. Also, keep in mind that full hookups do not always mean that they have your specific type of electrical connection. It doesn’t matter if you have 30-amp power and the campsite has 50-amp, this is all still considered a full-service site.

Partial RV Hookup Sites

When a site or brochure lists a site as partial RV hookup that mean that they lack in one or more of the big three utilities, usually water or sewer. Most sites that are listed as partial hookups almost always have electrical connections and rarely will you see a site listed as partial and not contain one or more types of electrical inputs. The most neglected of the utilities in partial hookups is the sewer connection.

How to Find What Type of Hookups Your Site Has

Most reputable RV parks will list exactly what they have on their website or a brochure. If you only see that a site is listed as partial, you may have to do some research. Call up or email the park and ask somebody what type of hookups you’re looking for and they should help you find a site in their park that will meet your needs. Or just ask, “What utilities do your partial sites contain?” Also, if you aren’t too certain of what type of electrical input a site contains in their full or partial sites, just call or email.

The confusion between full and partial RV hookup sites won’t stick with you long as you learn the subtleties of these types of sites. Remember, when in doubt, just reach out and ask. That way you can always find the perfect RV site for you.

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