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How to Deal With Being Stranded


It happens to every driver. At some point in your life, you will be stranded on the side of a road. You’ll blow a tire, your transmission will fail, or you’ll get in an accident. Sometimes it’s your fault; sometimes it’s beyond your control. Regardless, being stranded is never fun and can be dangerous if you’re not aware of your surroundings.

Here are some tips to deal with being stranded and stay safe while waiting for help to arrive.

Tips for Dealing with Being Stranded When RVing

The first thing to do when you realize you’re going to be stranded is to remain calm. If you can get to the side of the road or shoulder, do so. If you can’t and can turn on your four ways, do so. This includes RVs, trailers, and campers that have lights. This alerts other drivers in your path that you’re stuck or something is wrong so they can go around you.

If you have a cell phone or mobile device, use it to contact the authorities. If you’re on the highway, you want to call the non-emergency number in the city you’re in unless it’s an emergency, then call 911. This will get a cruiser out to your location to help deal with traffic which can be particularly useful on the highway or a busy street.

If you’ve been in an accident, you want to survey yourself first. Make sure you’re okay, then check on your passengers and the other car. Exchange insurance information, call the police if necessary in your area and stay until help arrives.

Never, ever work on the side of your car when pulled over in traffic. On-coming cars may not be able to see you, even in daylight. If you must change a tire or check the engine, make sure to leave your hazard lights on and put out safety cones if available. Do whatever you can to make sure traffic sees your vehicle and you before trying to figure out what’s wrong.

If you have kids with you, you want to keep them entertained. Depending on the weather conditions, this might be hard to do because they feel miserable – just like you. Remember: Help is on the way, remind them and yourself, of that. If your kids venture outside the car and are old enough, set clear boundaries of where they can and can’t go and keep a constant eye on them.

Having emergency rations in your car is a good idea for when you’re stranded. Bottled water and snacks can make things more comfortable while you wait, especially if your kids are with you. Having safety blankets can help keep you warm in freezing conditions, too.

Being stranded can be easy to deal with so long as you stay positive and look for solutions. It may take some time for the police, a tow truck or even family or friends to make it to your location, so sit back, relax and remember that things could be a lot worse.

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