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How to Make an RV Mattress More Comfortable


If you opted to add a standard bed to your RV or trailer and not install a custom or upgrade, you may find you’re not as comfortable as you hoped to be overnight. Most beds that come standard with an RV or trailer aren’t the most comfortable in the world and often get harder much quicker than a standard bed because of the conditions of being in an RV or trailer all the time. Here are some tips and tricks for making your RV or trailer mattress more comfortable.

Making an RV Mattress More Comfortable

There are many different ways to make a mattress more comfortable, such as:

  • Mattress pads
  • Egg crates
  • Memory foam toppers

These alone won’t make your mattress more comfortable. They key to utilize layers to get the best feel for your bed. You can use mattress pads, egg crates, and memory foam toppers together for the best feel, but it may take some trying to get it just right for your bed. We don’t recommend multiple memory foam toppers, but a combination of a single memory foam topper on top of egg crates and a mattress pad can be a great way to add some comfort.

One of our favorite combinations to make a mattress more comfortable includes one memory foam mattress topper, two egg crates and a mattress pad. We use the two egg crates on the mattress on top of one another, followed by the mattress pad and the memory foam topper. Once the sheets are on, and everything is secure in place, it seems like you fall into bed no matter how shoddy the mattress may feel without them.

Memory foam toppers can make a world of difference by themselves, and depending on what type of comfort level you’re looking for, investing in a heavy-duty, thick memory foam topper can change the feel of a bed, too. When looking for memory foam toppers, we recommend at least an inch to three inches thick if you’re going to use it with egg creates or mattress pads, too.

An RV or trailer mattress can be flipped like any other mattress out there. Make sure to flip it regularly, so both sides get equal wear and tear. We recommend flipping the mattress six to eight times a year. Make sure to have a partner help you make the flip. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself in the process.

Another aspect of a mattress people neglects to think about is what type of sheets, pillows, and blankets they’ll be using. A good, high-thread-count sheet can make a difference when it comes to comfort level. Couple that with sturdy pillows and a soft blanket, and it can change your mindset when you lay down to sleep.

When it comes to making an RV or trailer mattress more comfortable, more is better. However, we do encourage you to invest in a higher quality mattress if you will be using the trailer or RV lot. It makes a big difference having a good night’s sleep on the road.

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