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How to Remove Mold from an RV Refrigerator

Remove mold from RV fridge

Mold can be a growing problem in any RV since it’s not in use all the time.  It’s easy to forget to clean out a fridge, bathroom and other spots where mold may develop.  Once mold starts, it can be hard to eliminate it, and RV refrigerators can be a mold nightmare for some owners.  This is the ultimate guide to removing mold from an RV refrigerator.

Your Guide on How to Remove Mold from an RV Refrigerator

There are two ways mold develops in a refrigerator: Moisture and bacteria.  Moisture can be left behind due to frost or ice.  Once it melts, it leaves the inside wet which is a breeding ground for mold in any condition.  Bacteria thrive in a warm, moist environment for mold, too.  Combining the two of them in a closed environment like the refrigerator makes it a perfect storm for mold to grow.

When you’re not using an RV, you park it, and you disconnect its power source.  This means that the fridge is still dealing with moisture which breeds bacteria.  If you don’t remove the moisture, this is where the problem develops.

When you park your RV, and disconnect its power source, you want to start by cleaning out the refrigerator entirely.  This means removing all food, regardless of type right away.  From there, you want to wipe down the entirety of the inside with a damp cloth.  You want to get every nook, cranny, and space inside the refrigerator.

Next, you want to do round one of a thorough cleaning of the inside of the refrigerator.  The first round should utilize warm, soapy water and no cleaner.  Make sure to clean every area of the refrigerator with some hard work.  Once you’ve finished, wipe down the inside once more with a dry cloth.

Then, your second round, you want to utilize a bleach-based cleaner.  We suggest mixing 1/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water.  This will disinfect the inside of the fridge and eliminate the majority of bacteria that could be hiding in the refrigerator.  Wipe down the inside with a dry cloth once more, and you’ve finished cleaning the RV refrigerator.

We also recommend using a box of baking soda in the rear of the fridge to help eliminate odor while you travel.

Preventing Mold in an RV refrigerator

Removing mold is just half the battle, you want to prevent mold in the RV refrigerator, to begin with.  It’s not hard to do; you just have to get into better habits when using your refrigerator.

Here are some tips:

  • When you get home from a trip, empty the refrigerator as soon as you disconnect power and prop open the doors.
  • Always clean and dry the RV refrigerator thoroughly after parking.
  • Never leave open food or drinks in your fridge when driving the RV. A spill can cause mold to develop in nooks and crannies that you miss cleaning.

Taking care of your RV refrigerator is the key to preventing mold from starting.  If you have a mold infestation in your refrigerator, cleaning it thoroughly is your only option.

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