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RV Windshield Crack Repair vs. RV Windshield Crack Replacement


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You are your family are out on the road for your yearly summer RV tour. Things are going smoothly until you get stuck behind a gravel truck with a precarious pile of rocks stacked high in its hold. You try to keep your distance, but out of the corner of your eye, you spy one little pebble that isn’t going to be boxed in any longer. It makes its escape, bounces along the highway, and catches the perfect angle to slam right into your windshield, leaving you with a sizeable crack in the glass.

Getting a crack in your windshield is a pain when you’re at home, but it’s even more of a shock when you’re out on the road and can’t visit your favorite auto shop to get things buttoned up. How can you tell if your windshield needs to be repaired, or replaced? Who can you call? Let’s find out all there is to know when it comes to your RV’s windshield and getting windshields repaired or replaced.

Repairing and Replacing Your RV’s Windshield

After you pull over at the next rest stop, you check on the damage. It’s a solid ½ inch crack right in the middle of the windshield, so can that be repaired, or do you have to replace it?

Determining Windshield Repair or Replacement

Whether you repair or replace your RV’s windshield depends on three factors – location, size, and severity.


The location of windshield damage can determine if repair or replacement is necessary. A hairline fracture on the passenger’s side will not give you as many problems as damage on the driver’s side that can obstruct the driver’s view.

No matter where the damage is on the windshield, it is likely to grow as your windshield expands and contracts with changing temperatures. Cracks and other damage found on the edge of the windshield can spread much more rapidly, and a repair may only be suitable if you see the crack very early. If the crack has made it over three inches in length, a replacement will be your best option.


Larger cracks and points of damage are another determining factor in windshield replacement or repair. If caught early, most windshield cracks or chips under three inches can be repaired with a specialized resin, anything over that and replacement is a more suitable option. Regardless of size, always have windshield damage addressed immediately if it obstructs the driver’s view.


Size and severity are often closely related, but when we say severity, we’re not necessarily talking about the length of a chip or crack, but how much damage has been done to the windshield’s structure itself. You will likely need a windshield expert to determine the severity and whether repair or replacement is your better option.

These three factors are the largest part-players when it comes to repairing or replacing, now we know about those, let’s get some quick suggestions on where you can have your RV’s windshield checked while you’re on the road.

Where to Fix a Windshield on the Road

  • Roadside Assistance: Many RVers have roadside assistance, but whether they can help with your windshield depends on what type of plan you have. If you do have roadside assistance, let that be your first call.
  • Mobile Windshield Service: Luckily you can bring the windshield service to you and not worry about driving to town with an obstructed view. If you are within a few miles of any city or town, they likely have a mobile windshield service. Be sure they can help with your specific RV type!
  • Head to Town: Almost everybody now travels with a smartphone, which can be a lifesaver in many RVing situations. Just jump onto your favorite search engine and search for RV windshield repair services. Check both RV shops, and windshield services to help find someone who can address the issue. Have your owner’s manual handy before making the call.

Any windshield damage should be repaired or replaced immediately before it becomes a safety hazard. Whether you have your windshield repaired or replaced depends on the location, size, and severity of the damage but regardless of the type of damage, it’s always advisable to have it addressed immediately. If safety isn’t a big enough issue for you, remember the longer you wait, the more expensive any windshield work will be.

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