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Should You Invest in an RV Windshield Cover


If you venture into an RV park, chances are you’ll see bubbling roofs, faded paint, and other wear and tear on the motorhomes and trailers residing there during your stay. RVs, like any other vehicle, are victims of the sun no matter where the road takes them. Over time, the sun takes its toll on even the most well-maintained RV out there. When it comes to your RV’s windshield, should you take steps to protect it from the sun and elements? Should you invest in an RV windshield cover? Let’s find out!

So, Should You Use an RV Windshield Cover?

Close your eyes and image what it’s like to sit out in the hot sun for ten to 15 minutes on a blistering summer day. Even if you’ve applied sunscreen, your skin flushes, you warm up, and you might be uncomfortable enough to venture inside into the shade. For the most part, your RV can’t escape the sun. Even though you might be able to park in the shade, it’s still exposed to a fair deal of sun on your travels. This is why you should consider an RV windshield cover.

RV windshield covers help reflect or flat out stop the sun from pounding through your windshield onto your dashboard. While your windshield is designed to take the punishment of the sun, the dashboard is not. With enough sun exposure, your dashboard will crack, split, or even bubble depending on how it was made and installed. A windshield cover will also prevent your comfy captain’s chair from suffering the same fate.

Mobile RV Glass Tip: An RV windshield cover can also add an extra layer of privacy if you don’t have privacy curtains for one reason or another in your motorhome.

While you can use an RV dashboard cover to achieve the same protection, an RV windshield cover will also help prevent issues with extreme temperature fluctuations. The temperature fluctuations and extreme heat can crack your RV’s windshield. While some dosses of direct sunlight won’t cause issues, if your windshield sits under the scorching summer sun for too long, it can lead to the edges buckling which will lead to cracks in the middle.

An RV windshield cover, along with blackout curtains, awnings, and shades can help keep your motorhome cooler during the summer, too. This will help you save money on hookups and generators because you’ll use less power to keep the interior cool.

When planning RV trips during the summer, look at the average temperatures and consider investing in an RV windshield cover. This, along with other preventative maintenance, can help keep your motorhome or trailer in beautiful shape no matter how long you’re on the road for during the year.

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