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3 Reasons to Take a San Diego Road Trip


There are so many travel destinations in the United States and North America, how do you pick one? Luckily, when you own an RV, you don’t have to. One of the most popular RV destinations on the west coast is sunny San Diego, California. With what some might say is perfect weather year-round, it’d shock anyone if you didn’t like it there. Let’s look at three reasons to take a San Diego road trip and what you can do when you’re there.

3 Reasons to Take a San Diego Road Trip

The Food

Want the best Mexican food outside of Mexico? Visit San Diego! Being close to the border brings the city some of the best chefs, spices, meats, and more. Whether you’re craving a good old-fashioned street taco or some mole, you’ll find the hole in the wall joints to world-class Mexican restaurants scattered throughout the city. Old Town houses one of the West’s best Mexican restaurants at Casa Guadalajara. It’s a must stop for anybody craving spicy, traditional Mexican food during a trip.

Not in the mood for Mexican? How about seafood? When your city is on the water, you’d be a disgrace if you didn’t offer some of the world’s best seafood. Point Loma Seafoods is considered one of the highest rated seafood restaurants in California and the west coast. The wait is long, so get there early, and stick it out for the freshest seafood in the city.

The Sights

Part of the beauty of San Diego comes from its sights. Whether it’s pristine beaches, gorgeous sunsets, or starry skies, you’ll find a little bit of beauty everywhere you go. Some of the oldest areas of San Diego, like the Gaslight Quarter, off sights and sounds you’re used to finding in other big cities like Los Angeles and the Big Apple. La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs Natural Park offer some of the best views of the city – and the Pacific Ocean!

The Experiences

There’s a reason why San Diego is in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. You can do anything there. Between historic districts, stretches of beaches, and all the attractions, there’s something for everyone in and around the city. The San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park are some of the most spectacular wildlife destinations in the world. At the Wild Animal Park, you can take a guided caravan tour and get up close and personal with lions, tigers, and giraffes, oh my!

If you’re a sports fan, or even if you’re not, Petco Park is one of the most beautiful ballparks in North America. Built into the surrounding cityscape, you’ll find great eats, gorgeous views, and a bounty of bougainvillea. Whether you like baseball or not, Petco Park – like Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards, or Fenway Park – is a place you need to see at least once when visiting America’s Finest City.

As you can see, San Diego has something for everyone. Why not plan an RV getaway to this beautiful city?

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