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The Top RV Cleaning Products You Should Be Using


A dirty RV is an unhappy RV. Other than just looking plain old ugly, dirt and grime on an RV can chip away at paints and finishes and find its way into areas of your RV and cause problems. If you want your RV to be at its utmost best, you better give it a good cleaning when it needs it. So, what do you use to clean an RV?

With so many products on the market as well as homemade solutions, you may not know what to choose. Luckily, I’ve gathered info on some of the best RV cleaning products out there today. Here are some products you can use on your RV to be the envy of the whole campground.

Best RV Cleaning Products You Should Be Using

Your best bet is to go with a natural cloth or rag for scrubbing and buffing. Those soft polyester washcloths may feel appealing, but they are just plastic, and plastic is not as soft as natural fibers. Worst case scenario, plastic washcloths could be running any protective coatings and finishes. Your best bet? Good old-fashioned cotton.

For the tires, most cleaning brushes will get the job done. Spray your tires down with a tire cleaning solution, make sure it is water-based, give it a good scrub, and rinse. Be careful not to scrub your wheel rims, hubcaps or other metal components as a brush will leave nasty scratches and abrasions.

Best RV Cleaning Products for the Exterior

You may have been washing your car or truck for years with a little solution of dish detergent, but, unfortunately, that can be a bit harsh to an RV’s finish. When looking for an RV cleaning product you want to find something that is formulated for RVs. You can find these at any RV supply store and even at most big box retailers. Make sure you choose a cleaner that is environmentally-friendly as most of these products will likely find their way back into the natural environment and it’s no good to destroy the land you use your RV to see.

If you want to maintain your shine and further protect your ride, we recommend giving the RV a good wax. Like cleaners, there are several waxes that are engineered for RVs. Take the extra time to wax, and your paint and finish will thank you.

Bonus Tip: Add a touch of vinegar to RV cleaner to reduce water spots. Always test your mixture in an inconspicuous location before washing the RV to make sure you haven’t created something too harsh.

Best RV Cleaning Products for Roofs

All RVs are different, but many current models are built with rubber membrane roofs. The membrane roofs are great, but they can produce chalky lines and possible streaking on the side of your RV, especially when not maintained or cleaned. Most people suggest cleaning your RV roof once every season.

It’s best to use a cleaning product that is made for cleaning rubber roofs, again your local RV supply store is likely to have a product for rubber membrane roofs, and it’s possible that you can find the product at a big box retailer. NEVER use anything that is petroleum based as it can wear at a rubber membrane and cause damage to your RV. You also want to avoid anything too acidic or harsh.

Give the side of your RV a quick rinse before applying cleaner to prevent streaking. Use the cleaner as instructed and make sure any rinse water is rinsed off the side of your RV as well. You can use the cleaning time to check the roof for any cracks, punctures, tears or other types of damage on the RV roof.

There are more subtleties to cleaning an RV but doing the above is a good start. Not only are you protecting your investment, but you may turn a few heads when hitting the RV park as well.

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