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What to Know About RV Tailgating


Tailgating is an American rite of passage. It’s a national pastime. If you’ve ever been to a college or NFL football game, then you know how important tailgating is in our country. Some people plan weeks, even months, in advance to make sure they have the right beer, the right food, and the right entertainment. Some people head to sporting events to tailgate to tailgate, not attend the event.

RV Tailgating: How It Changed the Big Game

Some people head down to a stadium and see what everyone tailgating is up to. Others take the time to plan the day, making sure that everything is right. Some people host a tailgate, some attend. Depending on what you’re there to do and what team you support, you may see more lively tailgating celebrations. No matter how you tailgate, an RV can make it even more exciting and more comfortable whether your team wins or loses.

RVs allow you to have access to everything you need to go above and beyond the average tailgate. Not only do you have access to a kitchen, bathroom and even a TV and radio, you also can use the awning – if your RV comes with one – like a tent which makes it that much easier to have fun outdoors if the weather goes south. Many stadiums and ballparks don’t allow the use of generators, so your mileage may vary when it comes to the use of TV, radio, and more. Make sure to check out the stadium’s regulations on RVs before making your big game day plans.

An RV also allows you to bring more with you to have an even better tailgating experience. Whether you bring more food, games or footballs to toss around, you have the space to do it and get everyone involved once you’re parked. This allows you to bring the tailgating foods, beers, and games you want to play. It also allows you to get away from it all if necessary by hoping inside away from the fun outside before the big game.

Can You RV Tailgate Anywhere?

Unfortunately, not all sports parks and stadiums allow RVs to park. Make sure to check before you head out in advance to avoid being turned away at the gates. Some stadiums allow smaller RVs, such as travel trailers or campers as opposed to motorhomes. Make sure to check that, too. Not all sports parks have hookups either, so make sure your batteries are charged, and you have plenty of resources on hand for the day. Follow all the rules and regulations posted about bringing your RV or trailer to tailgate to avoid being banned from doing so in the future.

Tailgating is a way to bring family, friends, and rivals together in ways other events around the country can’t. Sports can be life or death for fans, no matter the play level, and if you’ve ever tailgated, you know why. Tailgating in an RV can make it even more exciting to root for your team and show your support, whether you’re at home or away.

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