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Why Are Motorhome Windshields So Expensive to Replace?


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When you buy a motorhome, you’re not just buying something to vacation in. You’re making an investment. Motorhomes, even Class C ones, are expensive. Depending on whether you buy new or used, customized it, or even add to it down the line, you’re going to spend a significant amount of money on your motorhome. While the investment will save you money on your travels down the line, there are some things you won’t be able to save money on like you hoped.

One of the ways you’ll almost never save money on is replacing your motorhome’s windshield when the inevitable comes. Let’s explore why this is.

So, Why Are Motorhome Windshields So Expensive to Replace?

Replacing a motorhome windshield isn’t like replacing other types of vehicle windshields. Most vehicle windshields, or windows in general, are much more available than those for motorhomes. Imagine how many cars drive on the road, then imagine the number of motorhomes. While the number is growing, motorhome windshields aren’t sitting in a warehouse waiting to be bought and installed; instead, many motorhome windshield manufacturers wait for orders before producing windshields for specific motorhomes, then deliver then to where they need to be installed.

Motorhome windshields often come in two components. If the damage is only on one side, you only need to replace that side during the process. If you have a full pane motorhome windshield, the whole windshield will need to be replaced. This increases the cost of the windshield itself and the labor involved in the replacement.

Many RVers will get a chip or crack in their motorhome windshield and ignore it until they can’t any longer. The smallest damage in a windshield can lead to a replacement, even if it doesn’t look like much of an issue. That’s why as soon as you get a crack, chip, or break, you should take it to an RV dealership or shop to get it looked at. You’ll know whether it can be repaired right then or there, or if you’ll need a full motorhome windshield replacement. By getting the windshield sealed or repaired immediately, you can avoid in some cases a full replacement down the line.

Pro Tip: Don’t attempt to replace a motorhome windshield yourself. This is one type of maintenance you should leave in the hands of a professional.

While some full vehicle insurance policies will cover the cost of replacing a motorhome windshield, it’s important to check just what your coverage offers. You may think this is covered when it’s not. Check your coverage and consider investing in additional coverage to cover motorhome windshield replacement if available from your insurance company.

Otherwise, to cut down on expenses, make sure to take your motorhome to a dealership or repair shop if you get a chip, dent, or worse. Let the professionals recommend the next course of action and if they recommend a replacement, heed the advice.

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