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Your Guide to Motorcoaches


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Motorcoaches, or buses, go by many names. They can also be referred to as coaches depending on where in the country you go. These large motorcoaches are used as ferries between cities, terminals and other long-distance locations. Companies like Greyhound pioneered the image of the motorcoach on the road.

So, What Are Motorcoaches?

Motorcoaches are often called Greyhounds in the United States because of what the company has done for the image of this type of RV. But it is a type of recreational vehicle that began to see heavy usage in Europe before being adapted to roads in the US. The term “coach” itself came from horse-drawn carriages that carried more than one passenger to and fro.

Most motorcoaches will use a storage system on the chassis between wheels for luggage with passengers only bringing the necessities on the bus itself. For longer bus rides, the motorcoach will stop overnight and allow passengers to book rooms in motels or hotels. Some routes go straight through the night and don’t stop until they reach their destination.

Many motorcoaches come with folding tables, armrests and recline similar to airline seats. They can be equipped with Wi-Fi service, along with electrical ports so you can use your phones, tablets, and laptops without worrying about data charges or their batteries dying. Reading lights, touchscreen television sets, and even radios with headphone ports can also be installed above seats. This allows passengers to watch movies, listen to music and relax without bothering the person next to them.

Motorcoaches can be designed from the ground up or designed around an existing chassis and frame. Depending on the manufacturer, you can have a say in everything from the wheels to the wells to the chassis and more. Some of the major motorcoach manufacturers in the US include Designline, Irizar, Marcopolo, and Neoplan.

How to Buy a Motorcoach

Motorcoaches typically aren’t bought by families to travel around the country in, but they can be adapted to this type of travel if you spend the right amount of money. When buying a motorcoach, you need to have a very practical use in mind.

  • When buying motorcoaches, these are some questions to ask yourself:
  • How much seating do you need?
  • What type of A/C and heating system is necessary?
  • How much storage space do you want on the bus and under it?
  • Do you need on-board navigation?
  • What additional features do you want for your passengers?
  • Extra wide seating or standard seating?

Motorcoaches aren’t for the everyday traveler. If your company or business is looking for a way to save money or to startup, a motorcoach may be the difference between starting a new business and making customers happy.

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